The Almanach de Gotha Ltd and their website are not the original Almanach de Gotha

The Almanach de Gotha Ltd and their website are not the original Almanach de Gotha


The Almanach de Gotha Ltd and their website are not the original Almanach de Gotha

The present status of the Almanach de Gotha explained: The publisher Almanach de Gotha Ltd, who publish a book called ‘Almanach de Gotha’ in London since 1998, which have two websites : and are not the original ‘Almanach de Gotha’ of the same name and should not and can not be considered as such the above organization and websites does not represent the original ‘Almanach de Gotha’, being first published by J.C. Dieterich in 1763 and last being published by Justus Perthes in 1944.

This is a quick yet very important note to anybody interested in European Royalty and Nobility. The Almanach de Gotha was an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in European aristocracy. However, many people seem to be confused upon its present status, and those websites listing the Gotha name and or reputing to be the ‘Original  Almanach de Gotha’, which does not exist anymore, being last published in 1944 by Justus Perthes, therefore any person or organization which claims that the original Almanach de Gotha still exists is factually incorrect and is furthermore misleading to the facts.

The ‘ALMANACH DE SAXE GOTHA’ a note to readers concerning the question and status of the Almanach de Saxe Gotha, which has had various online attacks, calling it Fake and not Real by certain unnamed online Trolls. In answer to the question and status of the Almanach Saxe Gotha Organization, it is Real and NOT fake, it contains correct genealogical  information and history for those interested in online Royal and Nobility genealogical reference with its websites:  –, the Almanach de Saxe Gotha does not claim to be the original Almanach de Gotha and does not claim that status, all the information listed upon their website is a mixture of written work by the editor of the site in question and information used from the internet, all of which is in the public domain and is free to use, it should be noted that Royal and Noble reference information and history should not and can not be owned by any particular individual and should be made available for everybody to use, read and study, that is why the Almanach de Saxe Gotha, has chosen to give free access to one of the largest database of Royal and Noble Genealogical Reference on the internet, with further access to thousands of pictures along side the reference information listed, as a further note the Almanach de Saxe Gotha, unlike others mentioned is not a business and makes no financial gain from its works. To view the History of the Old Almanach de Gotha, Original Royal Genealogical Reference Handbook – Genuine Editions – 1763-1944, please see their webpage for reference:

Whereas in factual reference to the present London based Almanach de Gotha Ltd, not to be confused with the original of the same name with their websites: still under eternal construction it seems, and which lists certain history of the original Almanach de Gotha and showing information on how to purchase their publication online for £60.00.

Their connection is the following: In 1989 the family of Justus Perthes re-established its right to the use the name Almanach de Gotha, the family then sold the right to use the name of Almanach de Gotha to a new company called Almanach de Gotha Limited in 1995 which was formed in London. Whereas Justus Perthes stated that they considered this to be only a new work and not a continuation of the original series of the Almanach de Gotha, last published by the family in 1944 with the 181st and last genuine edition. The new publishers launched with their 1st edition on 16th of March 1998 at Claridge’s Hotel in London, it was written in English instead of French as the Editor felt that English was now the language of diplomacy. A review in the Economist magazine criticized the London based edition for its low editorial standards and attacked Volume II for a purported lack of genealogical accuracy, the full article can be viewed for reference on the following link:

It should be noted that the London based Almanach de Gotha Limited has no connection to Justus Perthes, other than the purchase of rights to use the Almanach de Gotha name under license and as such their publication can not and should not be considered either a continuation of the Old Gotha or in fact a Original copy of the legendary Almanach de Gotha of the same name, this fact is reinforced by Justus Perthes the original owners and publishers of the Almanach de Gotha, as stated above.

The final conclusion and fact is that at present, there is no publication, publisher, official representative or website that can be or should be considered to be the original Almanach de Gotha, which can be presently found upon the Internet, or Facebook or on Twitter.

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